To access our ticket store please visit https://www.universe.com/users/skaters-club-scots-PJKG81

When purchasing tickets online please ensure you select the correct date, session and venue.  Each ticket is only valid once and for 1 person, once your ticket has been scanned any tickets with the same barcode are no longer usable.  

Incorrect tickets could lead to refused entry.  

If you have made a mistake when buying your tickets please call Tom on 07985 231326 or email tom@skatersclub.org.uk

This phone number is only for ticket enquiries, for general information please call (Midlands) Lisa on 07905 318264 or (North-East) Steve on 07877 612407 alternatively email info@skatersclub.org.uk

Thank you


F & Q's

 Please Note:

We recommend you use a computer or laptop to purchases your tickets.  Tablets and Phones are known to have had issues with the SCOTS system in the past.  

You can still present your ticket on your tablet or phone at the door by opening the link enclosed in your confirmation email.


What is your refund policy?

All tickets are non refundable

I am having Trouble buying Tickets?

Please call us on: 07985 231326

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