Train to be a famous skater with Skaters Club Grade Scheme

Be a star in films such as Rollerball and Whip it!

Achieve Gold in artistic dance!

What about being part of a group that hip-hop and jam dance on roller skaters!

Win gold in speed skating!

Winning team in Roller Derby!

Best Roller Hockey Player!

Ultimately play roller football and be the next David Beckham!

Start now with SKATERS CLUB grade scheme - Skating opportunities are endless!

Skaters Club tuition and grade scheme is optional.  Skate grades are designed to challenge balance, agility, reaction time, co-ordination whilst improving muscular strength and endurance plus cardiovascular fitness.  Learning basic skating skills equips the skater to improve and develop more advanced skills as the grades progress.

A skater on arrival to Skaters Club can join the grading scheme initially or at a later date. Some skaters choose not to take part in the grade scheme.  The decision is down to the skater.  Each grade can be achieved at the skaters own pace.  Once a grade is completed the skater is awarded with their certificate.

 Skills obtained through Skaters Club grade scheme will enable a skater to roller:

  • dance
  • derby
  • aggressive
  • speed skate
  • dodgeball
  • football
  • hockey
  • artistic dance

Important health attributes are:

  • sustaining an ideal body weight
  • good cardiovascular fitness
  • muscular strength and endurance
  • social integration

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